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 Post subject: Trouble logging in?
PostPosted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 8:49 am 
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Several people have reported loging trouble recently, especially new people. This should fix the problem.

1. <a href="http://www.firefox.com/">Get Firefox</a>. This will be much easier with a superior <i>free</i> open-source tabbed browser with optional adblock than it is with IE. ;) This step is not necessary but highly recommended.

2. Are you able to login to the Call Sheet? If not, email me, because this means your account is damaged or missing in the database. If so, go to step 3.

3. Are you receiving an error message when you attempt to login into the forums? If so, email me the URL of the page you were on when you received the error, plus the exact text of the error itself. This has never happened so, moving along to step 4.

4. Make sure you are going to http://forums.dramatis-personae.com and not http://lore.dramatis-personae.com/forums/. I have found, especially in IE, going to http://lore.dramatis-personae.com/forums (the old domain) messes up your cookies for both domains. So, if you were going to the old domain for some reason, or an old link bounced you there, make sure you are now going to the correct one (http://forums.dramatis-personae.com/), and proceed to step 5.

5. Close your browser and delete any cookies you have for dramatis-personae.com/forums or forums.dramatis-personae.com. This is where it's easier to have Firefox than IE, because Firefox allows you to look at your cookies and delete individual ones while IE only allows you to dump all of them. If you have IE and you want to fix this but still have Amazon.com recognize you, see at the bottom, where I'll walk you through deleting individual IE cookies.

6. That should fix it, but if you are still having problems, especially in IE, delete the cookies one more time and then when you login make sure NOT to check the "always log me in" box.

Now, after all that, if you're still not able to login, shoot me an email with as much detail as you can-- what happens when you try? Have you ever been able to login? When was the last time you could? and I'll try to help you.


Deleting cookies

To delete cookies in Firefox (the most recent):
Go to Tools > Options.
Click the Privacy tab.
Click the View Cookies button.
Search for "dramatis" in the text bar, and all your DP related cookies come up. Delete 'em all. You'll have to log back into the Call Sheet and Forums next time you visit.
Now wasn't that easy? :)

Okay, for you stubborn IE users:
Close IE.
Open up your "My Computer" icon from your Desktop.
Double click on your main hard drive. It's probably the first one listed under "Hard Disk Drives," with a (C:) after the name.
Open the "Documents and Settings" folder.
Open the folder that corresponds to the Windows login you use. Mine is just "HP_Administrator"
You should see a bunch of things like Cookies, Desktop, Favorites, Logs, My Documents, etc. Open the "Cookies" folder.
You'll see a bunch of files that look like your_login@some_site.com, and they're probably in alpha order by filename. These are your cookies. Scroll down to the "D's" and delete your_login@dramatis-personae and then to the "F's" for your_login@forums.dramatis-personae (where your_login obviously would be your Windows login name).
Now close any windows you opened up for this and fire IE back up.
Ugh. That was so much harder than it should have been. (I had to do it at work just yesterday).

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