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PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 1:49 pm 
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Why should I get involved in DP instead of Roleplay Guild X?

You shouldn't. It's not an either/or unless Roleplay Guild X makes it one (and if so, ask them why!). DP is not a guild - we are a NON-GUILD-SPECIFIC community of top-notch creative roleplaying talent. You do not have to "commit" any time or energy to DP - it's just an open party to which the best roleplaying talent is invited.

Why shouldn't I just find a good roleplay guild and leave it at that?

For one thing, limiting your experience to that of one roleplay guild means there are tons of fantastic RPers that you'll never meet, because they don't happen to play on your server or belong to your guild. What happens when you feel like trying something beyond what your guild is willing to try? Like the flip side of the server, or even another server?

Also, in order to find a "good roleplay guild," you are forced either to lead the thing or to rely on someone else's estimation of who is a good RPer and who isn't. The guild often expects you to spend all your time on one server (when for all you know, your dream RP partner could be playing on the next server over). You're often forced to endure chatter on /g or the guild chat channel that you'd rather not listen to. Some guilds expect you to group with people you'd rather not group with "to help out the guild," etc. But many people join despite these things out of the concern that without a good roleplay guild, they'll never have the quality RP experience and group of close RP buddies that they desire.

This is kind of why DP is here. It's just a place where the best roleplayers of all guilds and all servers can get together and find each other to create great characters and stories together. If nothing else, this is a message board where WoW fans can discuss roleplay when the WoW boards get a little too crowded and negative.

How do I "fit in" and become accepted here?

Because we're not a guild, anyone is welcome here, so long as they are not rude or offensive. There is no "approval" process. But if you really want to become part of our community, there are certain things that really make us warm up to you.

* Introduce yourself! The link is in the box at the very top of your screen.
* /join dramatis and /join personae whenever you're on an RP server (see stickied thread in this section for details).
* Post things here that amuse, entertain, or inspire.
* Volunteer to join groups when people are looking for them.
* Make new characters compatible with existing DP characters.
* Make only those promises/commitments you can keep.
* Take roleplay semiseriously, as a skill (a fun one!) that can be improved.
* Stick around.

How do we know the true members from the random people who stopped by for the free punch and pie?

Anyone with "Dramatis Performer" by their name is probably someone who has a general idea what DP is all about. But then this leads to:

What are these Producer People?

DP welcomes anyone who is enthusiastic about roleplay and treats fellow members with respect. But for those who prove themselves to be willing to pitch in and contribute substantively to the community creatively, financially, and/or administratively, we have the position of Producer.

If you find out that someone is part of the Producers' Circle, it doesn't mean we like them better than you, it just means that not only do they perform actual (unpaid!) work to support and grow DP, but also they are seen as examples for others to follow in terms of the quality of their roleplay.

Those in the Producers' Circle are generally the types who give more to the community than they get back, and who are responsible for a lot of the interesting features and storylines that DP creates. These are people you can trust to help you when you have a problem, or to answer your questions. You can also be assured that their roleplay will be top notch.

What are you really looking for in members?

One thing DP prizes in its community members is a generally positive attitude.

DP is a mutually supportive community. We represent a wide variety of religious, political, and ethical belief systems, and we've learned to coexist by respecting others' beliefs and just "not going there" if it's likely to cause bad feelings among the ranks.

DP is meant to be a haven where everyone can feel respected, appreciated, and welcome. Anyone who jeopardizes that atmosphere doesn't tend to last long. The one and only time we've ever banned someone from the boards, it's been because of unambiguous rudeness to another member (where there was no room for benefit of doubt).

For my part, when I'm feeling cranky and spoiling for a fight, I've learned to go elsewhere (like the WoW boards! hehehe!). I've learned this by making mistakes in the past, which I don't intend to repeat.

At DP, we're all about the love. :)

Anyone else have thoughts? Questions? Feel free to email me or any other Dramatis Producer via the link at the bottom of their posts.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 6:20 pm 
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Joined: Sun Feb 29, 2004 8:44 pm
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I've noticed lately a lot of confusion about what it means to be "in" DP. That's because there is no "in" really.

Membership in DP is not like a guild tag that gets turned on or off. Your status with DP is based entirely upon your own behavior and participation. You are the one who decides if you are "in" or "out," and it's a decision made on a daily basis. Your status can change week to week, month to month, year to year, and it is 100% under your control.

That said, there are a lot of myths floating around that I'd like to debunk. I feel qualified to do this, as I'm one of the longest-standing members of DP, and certainly, without question, the one with the single most in-game hours logged doing DP-related things. So - newbies and confusebies, check this out!


"If I want to get in on the DP action, I'd better level up a character quick to match the guys who are always on!"

This is the NUMBER ONE myth. It's just purely false. If you're not getting attention from DPers, it has nothing to do with your level, so don't waste the time grinding. "I'm the same level as you" is NOT a guaranteed ticket into a DP social circle any more than "I work at the same company as you" is a guaranteed ticket into a social circle in RL. Sure, you're more likely to run into each other. But that's all.

"DPer X doesn't like me, so I guess I'm not welcome here."

So very wrong! One of the great things about DP, unlike a guild, is that there is no one person in particular that you need to impress. So... although rudeness is NEVER tolerated and should be reported to a Dramatis Producer* you trust, if a DPer is just ignoring you or doesn't seem interested in RPing with you, just find someone else you get along with better! If you don't seem to be hitting it off with anyone, the problem may lie in some bad RP/gaming/social habits you've acquired that a brief conversation can probably straighten out. ASK.

"It's so hard to break into these established cliques."

Actually, it's really not. And so I move on to....


1. READ THE MESSAGE BOARDS. Order of importance: WoW section, "Talk" section, Roleplay section, Diaries/Journals, Storytelling, everything else. If you're not up to date here, you won't know anything about the characters that are out there for you to interact with, the personalities behind them, and who you're likely to click with. A lot of grouping in DP is as much about ooc compatibility as it is IC compatibility. So get to know everyone here and see who has stuff in common with you. When you find someone whose posts you love, find out who they play, and find a way to "run into" them online.

2. PARTICIPATE. If you want to be part of the group... be part of the group! We don't tend to invest a lot of energy in those we suspect won't be here in a few weeks. Show your commitment and your love for roleplay. Read. Write. Invent. Have ideas. Be warm. Be present.

3. CHAT. Use the DP chat channels. Leave all channels you don't need, then /join dramatis and /join personae. If dramatis gets too spammy, /leave and /join at will, but stay logged into personae so we know you're on. When you log onto dramatis, SAY HELLO. Especially if people are greeting you. On a channel as warm and chatty as dramatis, where everyone can see you come and go, persistent silence in response to greetings or questions comes off cold, apathetic, or worse - not really the way to warm people up to you!

4. HAVE A CHARACTER. It doesn't matter if you're a level 1. It doesn't matter what class you pick. If your character is interesting, shows up where other DP characters are, and gives us a reason to care about him, you're in. Be funny. Be helpful. Be kind. Be inquisitive. Above all, take some time to figure out who your character is and why anyone should care about him. The Roleplay section of these boards are just FULL of character development ideas. If your character is a fully realized person who teases us with hints of complexity without dumping his entire backstory on us the night we meet... then you should have no trouble working your way into at least SOME of the DP characters' good graces.

4. BE A GIVER... MOSTLY. A decent ratio: For every ONE time you post asking for help with a quest, a storyline, or something else you want to do - you should be responding at least THREE times to a post or a request that someone else has made for help. For every time you demand "I'm online, come play with me," you should be responding to at least THREE "I'm online" posts from someone who wanted company on their server. Also... probably not a good idea to make ANY demands for help/assistance until you've already established a reputation for being helpful and supportive of DP in general. Otherwise your pleas are likely to be met with chilly silence...

5. KEEP YOUR PROMISES. For me, personally, the third time someone stands me up or breaks a date without good cause, that's it. They don't get a fourth chance. There are just too many other people I could be playing with. Some people may be more forgiving than I am, but don't expect them to be. Also, don't talk about all the great things you're going to do, events you're going to plan, things you're going to post... and then never get around to doing them. Instead, why not do them, and not talk about them? :) We love surprises.

6. DON'T BE SHY. Something many people don't realize. Shyness and snobbery look EXACTLY the same online. They look like silence. Silence online = not a good way to warm up to a group. At a party, people can see you smiling and nodding. Online, they can't. You HAVE to speak up. Even if all you can manage is a terrified LOL now and then. Try. We don't bite, I swear. We are some of the warmest and most accepting people you'll ever meet. We've embraced people with any number of handicaps, mental conditions, and life situations. All you have to do is reach out. We're here.

I'll add more as I think of it. Please feel free to post questions/comments.

*Dramatis Producer - look under the avatar. These are people who have proven themselves exceptionally and consistently devoted to DP over a significant period of time and who shoulder the responsibility of keeping the site running, coming up with ideas to spice up the community, etc.

Currently swamped by RL!
2009 Clarion graduate!

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