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Correspondence between Siblings (Scarlet Crusade - Alliance)
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Author:  Aritana [ Wed May 07, 2014 12:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Correspondence between Siblings (Scarlet Crusade - Allia

My dear brother Rorlann,

When I lifted your gift out of its little box, I felt delighted. The conch shell cameo and silver pendant is superb. I especially love the iridescent rose design. I rushed to put it on, and looked at myself in the mirror. It truly lifts my spirit. In fact, I could feel the Light course through me. It does remind me of your white rose painting, which has always been a symbol of hope in my life. That makes this gift perfect. I had to ask someone the meaning of the runes that were dotted around the chain. A necklace that protects the wearer from the damaging effects of unholy auras and magic, so they informed me. Rorlann, this attempt at protecting me from your defiling nature does not escape my notice. It's actually very sweet, helpful, and most appreciated.

I keep envisioning our confrontation. I still see Blackheart standing there in the ruins of plagued Darrowshire, growling with pleasure to my many attempts to scorch him with the power of the Light. My brother would never find such pleasure in suffering, nor would he ever laugh at the sight of rage or defeat. Yet according to the tender letters and your lovely gift, you seem to indeed be my brother. I cannot grasp or accept that my greatest nemesis Blackheart, and you my beloved brother Rorlann, are one and the same. This gift actually deepens my confusion. I do not know if I can reconcile this terrible contradiction. But I promise, I shall try.

Your sister, Hallya

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