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PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:10 pm 
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Directly to the left of the ground floor doorway of Bruuk's Corner hangs a notice board. While this isn't exactly a new object in the bar, it does have its unique features. In addition to the various notices of varying shape, size, and color on any given week, there seems to be a light aura about it that people familiar with the arcane, the divine, or really any kind of unnatural energy (otherwise known as "magic") might pick up on. Perhaps residual energy? Perhaps energy crafted into the varying notices that stay attached to the board. Only the observer would know for certain.

Speaking of notices, in one corner of the board hang a letter written in Gnomish characters. It appears on bleached parchment and written in crimson ink.

To whom it may concern,

With the reclamation of Gnomeregan well under weigh despite setbacks and my contributions to the cause etched in the minds of those whom care most for their city, I feel no remorse in taking my leave of this place to further expand my horizons. An isolated existence within snowy realms may be fine for most, but as I have no connections and no urge to remain here longer than necessary, I feel my talents can be used much more appropriately elsewhere. It's not to say as I have not found a place in my cold heart for each of you, those relevant to this letter. It's simply that I wish not to spend my entire life here amidst those I have little in common with.

For the close associates with which I've spent my time, I will continue to wear this brightly-dyed cloth as a both a reminder of what has happened in the time I've spent with them as well as a symbol of pride. To those who ask what or why, I shall simply respond with two words:

"For Gnomeregan."

Never forget from whence you came. Never forgive those who continue to thrive on your suffering. Never stray from your noble cause.

- G. T.

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