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PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:32 pm 

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Journal Entry #1

I have awakened from a nightmare, only to find that my hellish nightmare was very real.

Sally! My dearest sweet Sally! How could I possibly forgive myself after what I did to my own daughter? And how could others forgive me? Even more sorrowful is the fact that I will have no grave site to mourn my loss, since there was nothing left to bury. I do understand the grim loathing humans have for me and for my fellow worgen. It's the same feeling I have for myself at times.

At least I was able to rout the Forsaken invaders. I expect that I earned some respect in the eyes of others this way. The hound within me still delighted in the cruel hunt, and the wholesale killing felt terribly familiar. At least my humanity is in control of my actions this time. But for how long? Mandrake root is exotic and rare, and there are so many of us.

I see that my once fanciful skill in penmanship is now no more than barbaric ink marks and spatters on this poor tattered parchment. Perhaps when I find the time, I shall train my paws to write beautifully once again. As for rescuing my old journals, those stories of a vastly different life, I have little hope. Perhaps it’s for the best. There were too many stories of happier times. Like the time when I took Sally to… no, I cannot bear remembering.

We are preparing the evacuate Duskhaven soon. The situation looks dire. Half of our coastline broke up into the sea, swallowing many civilians, soldiers, and Forsaken foe alike. The earthquakes seem to be getting stronger, or is it just my heightened sense of alarm? What is the fate of our kingdom? What will become of us?

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