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PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:40 am 
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Eidetic Laboratories is pleased to present the Ico8000, the greatest advancement in photographic technology yet to come to Azeroth!

Used in conjunction with Eidetic Laboratories' Phic437 photographic plates, the Ico8000 can take full color photographs in a single exposure!


Photography has long been limited to still settings, due to the minute-long exposure period. No longer! With our brand new Flash-Freeze technology, your subjects are frozen in place for the full 60 seconds needed to capture their image! No longer are action scenes, small children, and dangerous monsters excluded from the realm of photography!*


To take photographs with your Ico8000, just point, calibrate the gyromatic stabilizer, adjust the focus bellows, charge up the flash-freeze capacitor, prime the photographic plate, and shoot! It's so simple, a trogg could use it!


To celebrate the release of our Ico8000 camera, Eidetic Laboratories is sponsoring the Ico8000 Photography Contest!
Send your developed photographs, along with a caption or short story, if you wish, to our offices in Ironforge, and we will publish them. After the submission deadline on October 20th, the photos will be opened up to popular vote, and the winner will receive a fabulous prize!

So get out there and capture the great visual offerings of Azeroth and beyond, using your wonderful Ico8000 camera!

-- Beebie Bottlerocket, Chief Engineer of Eidetic Laboratories

*Eidetic Laboratories is in no way responsible for injuries or deaths resulting from attempts to use Flash-Freeze technology to photograph dangerous monsters.

OOC: Please post submissions in this thread. Prizes may be more or less fabulous depending upon what server your character resides.

Helpful Hints:
- Screenshots can be taken using the Print Screen button
- Alt-Z hides the User Interface
- Make sure to deselect any units in the shot, and to move your cursor away from them.
- In order to display on the forums using the IMG tags, your photo must be 600 pixels or fewer in width.
- You are free to crop or edit your photographs in whatever way you find aesthetically pleasing.

A more complete guide to all things screenshot related may be found here.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:32 pm 

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Huatha walked across the mesa of Thunderbluff, heading toward the bank to deposit a recent stockpile of herbs he had gathered while on Mt. Hyjal. He was'nt paying too much attention to what was going on until a Goblin waved a piece of parchment under his nose.

"Photo contest here!" he cried, forcing the parchment into Huatha's hands before moving on another customer. "Use the ico8000 and win yourself a fabulous prize! Best photo wins! Enter now!"

Huatha chuckled and realized he owned one of those cameras and had quite a stockpile of photos. "I do not need a pony," he thought, seeing himself as a cheetah and trying to ride a pony. "But I can enter. I have some stored in the bank."

IN the bank, he shuffled through some of the more recent photos. "Lets see here..."

"I really liked that one. Flying at sunrise in Nagrand... lovely"

"Oh!," he exclaimed, "What about this one? Wild times in Dalaran!"


He chuckled, remembering. "Oh!" he said, "Harrison Jones in Uldum!"


"Wow!" he whistled, "Those sure were some times!"



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