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For Keeshan! An RP, Paced Leveling Adventure (A)
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Author:  ArtofMagic [ Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:09 pm ]
Post subject:  For Keeshan! An RP, Paced Leveling Adventure (A)

Greetings and Salutations!
(For all still nosing around the greatness this site once was)

I, ArtofMagic, will be hosting a pacer on Ravenholdt and would love to have some gentle DP'rs join in the madness/fun.

Therefore, I'm pleased to offer up "For Keeshan!" - a serious, yet comedic, paced, 100% in-character RP adventure where players will live the events centered around John J. Keeshan and Bravo Company in Redridge. Once completed, we will venture forth into the world for revenge, with the ultimate, drunken goal of genocide of the entire Orc race, possibly ending with an assault on Orgrimmar itself.

Now, we all know that the Keeshan story arc is a ‘bit’ outside the Warcraft canon. However, it fits perfectly into the theme of this pacer. It’s based upon the ideology that the district of Redridge is filled with a more 'isolated' sort of folks, ones that prefer Stormwind stay out of their business. They think any news not generated from within the district is propaganda, and a giant conspiracy by the King.

Therefore, if you are seeking long-lasting rp, that tastes great and is incredibly fulfilling, then you might be For Keeshan.


FIRST OFF: it will be a MORNING pacer.


DAY: Tuesday or Thursday
TIME: 11:00am REALM TIME (I live in Pacific, so this is about as early as I can go)
LENGTH: 2 hours, once per week
REALM: Ravenholdt
START DATE: when we have FIVE (5) commitments, then we'll go.

MAIN INFO LINK: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749206434
SANCTUM RP Link: http://www.ravenholdt.us/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=507&sid=522c22de5b78e010bab06e10b4ae06e5

If you are interested, please respond on the MAIN INFO page, as I do not check this website very often.

You guys were/are some of the best RP'rs I have played with, so I wanted to make sure the opportunity was presented.


Author:  ArtofMagic [ Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: For Keeshan! An RP, Paced Leveling Adventure (A)


You’re a typical citizen of Redridge and never been out in the world. Never wanted to, really. I mean, what does the world have that Redridge don’t? You have a place to stay, a tavern to guzzle ale and friends who’ll sit around a campfire with and talk about how Stormwind should mind their own business and leave folks in Redridge well enough alone. What you do appreciate about the King, is his military, and all the battles they fight while you swill beer – especially against the race you hate most: Orcs.

You might be an out of work logger, a part-time goretusk hunter or preacher at the local Church of Light. Don’t matter none, cause all Redridge folks is family – meaning folks not from Redridge are forn’ers, not to be trusted.

You ain’t got much coin, and what you do have is probably spent buying cheap ale from the Lakeshire Inn. Life’s good and work is only to make living easy enough to get by. Your horse, though, is the best coin can buy and you dream of owning one of them fancy mechanohogs.

Then, out of the blue, you receive a letter asking you to come to the Townhall for some urgent business. Fearing it might be a tax collector (or some other shadowy agent of the King) wanting to take your hard earned coppers, you go and prepare to bow-up against the man.

Instead, you meet a well-dressed, smooth talking commander calling himself Colonel Troteman. Having a love of all things military, you listen:

“You ever heard of John Keeshan? I was his commanding officer throughout all three great wars. Let me tell you, that man has killed more orcs than any man alive. If anyone can stop the Blackrock orc invasion, it's JOHN J. KEESHAN. We need to get him to help us or Lakeshire will be nothing more than a mound of rubble and ash after that massive Blackrock Army marches through to Elwynn.

I heard he was fighting in the underground fight club at the Lakeshire inn. Find him and tell him everything you know.”

Damned straight! You’ve been to the fight club and love it. You’ve watched men beat themselves senseless, maybe even bet a copper or two on the outcome. Therefore, when you hear that one of the men is a famous warrior and he needs your help, you gather your beer, your buddies and tell them the story.

With Redridge blood boiling hot and thinned with Lakeshire Lager, you and your friends head to the fight club to convince Keeshan to fight.

Thus begins your adventure…

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