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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 6:51 am 

Joined: Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:38 am
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Location: Michigan
Pacer Information:
    Server: Farstriders
    Day: Thursday
    Time: 8:30 to 10:30 pm Eastern
    Next Episode: 26 January 2011
    Current Pacer Level: 70 (range 67-72)
Blizzard's Forsaken Lore:
Dramatis Personae Forsaken Lore:
Participant Journals and Stories:

Please post communication concerning the Farstriders Forsaken pacer here.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:19 am 

Joined: Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:38 am
Posts: 2125
Location: Michigan
Episodes: Season Three

Following is the updated schedule. Further dates will be added periodically. Please avoid the quests listed under the Episodes as "to be completed". Quests listed under the Interludes can be done at any time although it would nice if more folks were around for the Thursday meets to work on them together. I am also including links to information about the various quests so you can look up prerequisites, quest givers, etc.

Episode 6: New Allies?
23 February 2011
Pacer level: 70
Seeking to discover further information about the taunka, the Servants continue with some menial chores in the area, but they are also eager to investigate this camp of Forsaken that has at least some among the taunka so bothered.
Quests to be completed: Mimicking Nature's Call, The Book of Runes, March of the Giants

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:32 am 

Joined: Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:38 am
Posts: 2125
Location: Michigan
Servants of the Banshee

The Servants of the Banshee is the official guild of the Farstriders Forsaken pacer. There are two requirements for membership in the guild:
    the character must be a Forsaken
    the player must be a member of Dramatis Personae
You do not have to be a regular attender of the Forsaken pacer in order to join the guild if you'd just like to have the tag in order to avoid random guild invites.

If quality roleplayers ask about membership in the Servants of the Banshee, direct them first to dramatis-personae.com and ask them to sign up. Once they are members of DP, then they are eligible for membership in the Servants.

Guild Officers:
    Bereth (priests)
    Beaumont (warlocks)
    Joss (mages)
    Ombre (rogues)
    Winnford (warriors)
When we are working on plot-line questing, the officers will be the ones forming groups. At the meeting preceding questing, we will form into a raid group, and individual groups will be determined; then we will separate to reform in five (or fewer)-person groups.

Current Characters (all eligible for membership):
    Joss Nikros (frost mage): Mishell
    Aethelbert (mage): Goeben
    Alyssan Fenmoss (mage): SerenityBlue
    Drayer Killean (fire mage): Great Slatin
    Bereth (priest): Kungfu Elvis
    Avrea Childe (priest): Raye
    Beckinson (priest): Le_D
    Mavros Avar (holy priest): Jeremy
    Stavick (priest): Kram Nusak
    Ombre (assassination rogue): Deborah
    Edgerick Solomon (rogue): Pirate Spice
    Kayllith (rogue): Tcei
    Lexanne (rogue): Alanna
    Stergale Jones (rogue): Blake's Tiger
    Damiera Winterthorn (warlock): Santiago
    Beaumont Ravenspur (warlock): Sword42
    Ehcoli (warlock): Lady Drambuie
    Quentain (warlock): Aardvark
    Sueva Bloodburn (warlock): ZoltecV
    Yorick (warlock): Vthing98
    Winnford Baxley (arms warrior): Finnegan
    Ellsinore Devereaux (fury warrior): ThreeEdge
    Ganeos Gend (warrior): MooCow
    Grighton Decker (warrior): BranHop
    Lisanya Banesidhe (warrior): Maleficently
    Malanthe (warrior): LadyFirehawk
    Matina Clegg (warrior): Parlath
    Xandria (protection warrior): SuperKatherine

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 5:29 am 

Joined: Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:38 am
Posts: 2125
Location: Michigan
Past Episodes: Season One

Episode 1: The Introduction
4 October 2007
Brill Graveyard (near the fountain)
The Scarlet Crusade has launched their most diabolical scheme yet. Priestess Cloelia has been dispatched to recruit a team of Forsaken to investigate this plot, and stop it. The very life of our glorious Queen may be at stake. Will you answer the call?
Quests Completed: At War with the Scarlet Crusade I (Scarlet Warriors)
NB: Any quests that do not involve the Scarlet Crusade in Tirisfal Glades are open to be done at any time.

Episode 2: The Beginning
11 October 2007
Tirisfal Glades (various)
Close to the gate of the Undercity itself, the Scarlet Crusade has set up various strongholds. The first goal of the Servants of the Banshee will be to destroy these bastions and to search for clues as to the further plans of the Crusade.
Quests Completed: At War with the Scarlet Crusade II (Perrine) and III (Vachon)

Episode 3: The Wickerman
18 October 2007
Tirisfal Glades, west of the Undercity
Celebrate the opening night of the Hallow's End festival, and the time of year when the Forsaken gained their freedom from the Lich King and his mindless Scourge. Our Dark Lady Sylvanas will be making an appearance at the 8th bell of the clock*, and rumor has it that other treats and surprises will be in store. An event not to be missed!
(*8:00 server, which is Central; also known as 9:00 Eastern, 7:00 Mountain, and 6:00 Pacific)
Quests Completed: None officially (a night for celebration and catch-up)

Episode 4: The Crusade Again
25 October 2007
Tirisfal Glades (various locations)
The trail leads on with each discovery of information about the Scarlet Crusade's plotting. Where will it take us this time?
Quests Completed: At War with the Scarlet Crusade IV (Melrache)
The Scarlet Crusade outposts in Tirisfal Glades are in shambles, and one link the chain has been broken with the destruction of the three leaders. On the same night that the Scarlet Crusade threat was destroyed, a vicious attack against Brill was defied by the strength and coordination of the Servants. Further work remains in Tirisfal Glades, but soon the Servants will be on the trail of the mysterious assassin once again.

Episode 5: Onward to Silverpine Forest
8 November 2007
Pacer Level: 14
Tirisfal Glades to Silverpine Forest
With the Scarlet Crusade outposts in Tirisfal Glades in shambles, the Servants follow the trail into Silverpine Forest and receive help from a particularly knowledgeable person.
Quests Completed: Delivery to Silverpine Forest, Escorting Erland, Wild Hearts (worg hearts), Prove Your Worth [some] (moonrage whitescalps), The Dead Fields

Episode 6: Ragefire Chasm
15 November 2007 [to be repeated as necessary until all Servants who need to have gone]
Pacer Level: 16
Varimathras has ordered the Servants to retrieve two spellbooks from the hands of the Searing Blade cult located in Ragefire Chasm below Orgrimmar.
Quests Completed: The Power to Destroy (Varimathras, sharable, required), Slaying the Beast (Neeru Fireblade, outside the Chasm, optional), Searching for the Lost Satchel (Rahauro in Thunder Bluff, sharable?, optional), Hidden Enemies (series starting with Thrall, optional)

Episode 7: Ataeric Discovered
10 January 2008
Pacer Level: 20
The mage involved in the assassination plot has finally been located. In addition to destroying him and breaking his power, the Servants will seek out information to lead them further along the trail to the ultimate source of the plot.
Quests Completed: The Weaver (end of the series beginning with Border Crossings from Shadow Priest Allister)

Episode 8: The Hillsbrad Threat
24 January 2008
Pacer Lavel: 21 (possibly 22)
With the threat in Silverpine disabled and the Servants' investigation of the Dalaran mages temporarily suspended, it's time to address other dangers.
Quests Completed: Journey to the Hillsbrad Foothills

Episode 9: Shadowfang Keep
7 February 2008
Pacer level: 24
As reward for his invaluable aid in uncovering those behind the Dalaran threat, Dalar Dawnweaver is to receive his dearest wish: the demise of Arugal. Venture into the Keep that is Arugal's base of operations, find him, and slay him.
Quests completed: Arugal Must Die, Deathstalkers in Shadowfang, The Book of Ur

Interlude: 14 February 2008
Quests to work on: The Rescue and WANTED: Syndicate Personnel

Episode 10: Hillsbrad
21 February 2008
Pacer level: 26
The human residents of Hillsbrad are assisting Dalaran by providing food and other goods. Break down their supply lines, slaughter their prominent citizens, and thus leave Dalaran more isolated.
Quests completed: The Battle of Hillsbrad series through the assault on the peasants, portions of Dangerous and Souvenirs of Death.

Interlude: 28 February 2008
Quests to work on: Elixir of Suffering, Elixir of Pain, Elixir of Agony in any combination.

Episode 11: Return to Hillsbrad
6 March 2008
Pacer level: 28
A grave blow has been struck against the town of Hillsbrad, but more remains to be done. Outlying areas that can help to resupply the town still remain as well as other allies.
Quests completed: The Battle of Hillsbrad through the miners, Dangerous, and continued work on Souvenirs of Death.

Episode 12: The Royal Apothecary Society
20 March 2008
Pacer level: 28
The Royal Apothecary Society has been charged with creating a plague that will aid the Forsaken against their enemies. Much research and many materials will be needed for this venture to be successful.
Quests completed: The third step of the Elixir of Agony series (naga scales and murloc eyes).

Episode 13: Dun Garok
10 April 2008
Pacer level: 29
The Dwarves of Dun Garok have been lending their assistance to the humans of Hillsbrad, which means they've also been aiding those who seek to slay our Dark Lady. It is their turn to feel the power and might of the Forsaken!
Quests completed: The penultimate steps of the Battle of Hillsbrad series and the Elixir of Agony series, as well as Humbert's Sword. (Do note that all but the last have prerequisites before you head into Dun Garok.)

Interlude: 8 May 2008
Quests to work on: Helcular's Revenge

Episode 14: Dalaran
22 May 2008
Pacer level: 32
We have received dire news from the Undercity. Four of our own Forsaken have turned traitor and offered themselves to the wizards of Dalaran! In addition, they have stolen powerful artifacts that the Dalarans can use against our Dark Lady. Find the traitors, slay them, and retrieve the artifacts. As we are also studying the talents of the Dalaran wizards, retrieve for Magus Voidglare whatever items Keeper Bel'varil asks of you.
Quests completed: Prison Break-in followed by Dalaran Patrols, Stone Tokens, and possibly Bracers of Binding.

Episode 15: The Syndicate, Part I
5 June 2008
Pacer level: 33
Now that the investigations of the Dalarans are proceeding, it is time to turn to another group involved in the scheme: the Syndicate. A troll in the Arathi Highlands is studying this group, in particular some magical connection he feels they have. Earn the favor of the troops stationed at Hammerfall by slaying the ogres in the area, then report to Tor'gan there to see what information he might have.
Quests completed: The Hammer May Fall and Foul Magics

Episode 16: The Syndicate, Part II
14 August 2008
Pacer level: 36
Thrall, the leader of the orcs, has provided us with information concerning a pendant with some connection to his own past. As it is currently in the hands of the Syndicate, we suspect that they will be using it in some manner in the attempt against Our Lady. Thrall has sent his own team to locate it, but they have been defeated. The Forsaken shall not be. Find the pendant and determine if it is a threat to Our Lady. In addition, track down one Baron Vardus, a leading member of the Syndicate, for his crimes against the Forsaken.
Quests completed: WANTED: Baron Vardus, Lord Aliden Perenolde, and Vorrel's Revenge.

Episode 17: Slaying the Assassin
Pacer level: 38
Quests completed: most of Into the Scarlet Monastery

Episode 18: The Final Blow
Pacer level: 40
Quests completed: the rest of Into the Scarlet Monastery

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:01 am 

Joined: Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:38 am
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Episode Guide: Season Two

Episode 1: Journey to the Plaguelands
4 June 2009
Pacer level: 51
At long last, the Servants of the Banshee have advanced far enough in their skills to be useful in the Plaguelands. The land is under the double threat of the Scourge and the Scarlet Crusade zealots who fight them and everyone else. But what else is the Scarlet Crusade planning there? Every step will bring the Servants closer to discovering.
Quests completed: The first two farms in the Scourge Cauldrons series. The opening of the Better Late Than Never series.

Episode 2: Scourge Cauldrons
18 June 2009
Pacer Level: 51
The Scourge is spewing their plague into the very air of the Western Plaguelands, but the Forsaken work to neutralize such filth. In order to begin counteracting the plague, samples must be taken from the four cauldrons located at four former farms in the area. Two remain to be analyzed.
Quests completed: The Writhing Haunt and Gahrron's Withering in the Scourge Cauldrons series. Finished the Better Late Than Never series.

1 April 2010
After a brief discussion in the Undercity on the subject of bargaining, Avar, Matina, and Ombre flew to the Plaguelands to continue their work for the Blightcaller. On the way they stopped at Gahrron's Withering to find a shield. In the Eastern Plaguelands, they tracked down both Duskwing and Borelgore. Upon their return from these tasks, the Blightcaller sent them back to the Undercity where they were pleased to accept the Dark Lady's orders to track down the Scarlet Courier. Determining that she and her bodyguards would take a stronger force to defeat, and awaiting the company of their fellows, the trio instead flew to Light's Hope Chapel to speak again with Carlin Redpath, who sent them in search of particular skulls from the nearby Scourge. As the necessary Scourge proved difficult to find, the group decided to wait until another time to continue their work.
Quests completed: Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee, The Corpulent One, Heroes of Darrowshire, Villains of Darrowshire

22 April 2010
The Servants made an initial foray into Stratholme. They first faced the legions of Scourge, including a rather grumpy tobacconist, and also freed some of the spirits of the citizens. Tucked away in one of the corners of the large city, they found a stronghold of Scarlet Crusaders who also fell, one by one, to the skill and strength of the Servants. At the request of the Argent Dawn, the Servants set fire to the Crusade's archive and at last came face-to-face with the leader of this particular band. Imagine their surprise when Grand Crusader Dathrohan turned out to be
Balnazzar, brother to Varimathras.

Quests completed: The Restless Souls, The Archivist, The Great Fras Slabi

29 April 2010
Following on some leads from the Royal Apothecary Society, Avar, Matina, and Ombre traveled to Kargath in the Badlands, made their way through the Searing Gorge, and ultimately found themselves in the Burning Steppes. In addition to some work for the RAS, the Servants gathered information and conducted experiments for a small band located at Flame Crest.
Quests completed: Broodling Essence, Tablet of the Seven

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:02 am 

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Loot Rules

These rules will apply to any instance group of the Servants of the Banshee, so that we don't have to discuss them each time and can keep things moving. If you are grouping up for quests and such, feel free to use these or any other rules the party agrees to.

Items that are Bind on Equp:
    Roll Need if it is something you will use immediately, an upgrade to your current equipment that you are at the appropriate level to use.
    Roll Greed if it is something you cannot (or do not) use or wear, for whatever reason. If you are not of an appropriate level, but it is something you would use very soon (within one or two levels), you can ask the recipient for a trade or a gift. (Price-gouging of fellow Servants will not be appreciated by your pacer leader. :))
Items that are Bind on Pickup:
    ALWAYS pass. We will then conduct a brief discussion about who can use this item and make Need, Greed, or Fashion rolls as necessary.
In either case, if there is an enchanter in your party, you can pass on an item to indicate your willingness to allow the item to be disenchanted for supplies that can then be used to provide enchantments to the Servants.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:56 pm 

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Northrend Bound: Current and Past Events

Episode One: Northrend Bound
19 January 2010
The Servants have finally been sent north, only to discover that Arthas still lives, contrary to the news that's been spreading in Forsaken territories in the south. Therefore the Servants have been put to work dealing with the Alliance and other threats that hinder efforts at finishing off the Lich King, and they are also working with the Royal Apothecary Society to develop the plague that will wipe out the Scourge.
Quests completed: War is Hell, Let Them Eat Crow, The New Plague, Sniff Out the Enemy, Spiking the Mix, The Dragonskin Map, Test at Sea, Reports from the Field, The Windrunner Fleet, Ambushed!
Quests in progress: Guide Our Sights, The Offensive Begins, New Agamond

Episode Two: New Enemies ...
26 January 2011
Following the complete destruction of the Alliance encampment near Vengeance Landing, the Forsaken were approached by one Prince Keleseth, a representative of the Lich King who offered power to those who forsook the Dark Lady and joined with Arthas. Outraged by the suggestion, the Servants traced him back to Utgarde Keep and destroyed not only Keleseth, but all the vrykul inhabitants of the place and their Scourge minions.
Quests completed: Guide Our Sights, Landing the Killing Blow, Trail of Fire, Report to Anselm, The Offensive Begins, A Score to Settle, Ingvar Must Die!, Disarmament
Quests in Progress: A Lesson in Fear, New Agamand, Help for Camp Winterhoof

Episode Three: ... New Weapons
2 February 2011
The Servants found themselves fighting vrykul who have allied with the Lich King and encroach on the borders of the new settlement at Vengeance Landing. After much slaughter of vrykul, burning of buildings, and assisting with the death of the vrykul leader, the Servants have left Vengeance Landing in a stronger position to dominate the area. Following these exploits, the Servants made their way to New Agamand to see what the Royal Apothecary Society has brewing to deal with the various threats that block their way to the Lich King.
Quests completed: A Lesson in Fear, Baleheim Bodycount, Baleheim Must Burn!, The Ambush, Adding Injury to Insult, New Agamand

Episode 4: Field Testing
9 February 2011
The Servants of the Banshee traveled to New Agamand to once more lend their assistance to the Royal Apothecary Society. Unsurprisingly, they had lots to get done, including the testing of plague strains and the collection of body parts. While carrying out this work, the Servants also conducted a bit of killing for a large tree.
Quests completed: A Tailor-Made Formula, Green Eggs and Whelps, Shield Hill, Apply Heat and Stir, Root Causes

Episode 5: Back into the Field
17 February 2011
Pacer level: 70
The Servants conducted further tests of the refined plague, then removed the evidence (in the form of infected vrykul) of their activities. Having no further work available from the R.A.S., the Servants headed north to find the taurenish creatures who were asking for assistance. They found the inhabitants in the process of deserting their camp and put in some work helping them to collect last-minute supplies. In the process, they heard news of another apothecary camp to the west that bears investigation.
Quests completed: Draconis Gastritis, Field Test, Time for Cleanup, Parts for the Job, Warning: Some Assembly Required, Help for Camp Winterhoof, Hasty Preparations, Suppressing the Elements, Making the Horn

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:28 pm 

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Information updated.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:19 pm 

Joined: Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:38 am
Posts: 2125
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Congratulations to the Forsaken for reaching level 90! From left: Matina, Avar, Caralynn, Ombre, and Winn.


Scarlet Crusade Unit Director

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